Much like our logo, the Phoenix, Rebel Studio was born from the ashes of my journey to find a place where I felt I belong; a place where I am confident every time I walk through the door; a place with no judgement. When I couldn't find that - I created my own.

I have been on the same journey to find health & happiness in life, just like you. This is why I strive to bring you boutique, member-only fitness at affordable pricing. At Rebel Studio, you will feel confident with smaller class sizes and personal attention, in a private space that is not open to the general public.

No walk-ins, no judgement, and no mirrors.

I BELIEVE in Body Positive Fitness

Here's to your health & happiness!




Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Nidra, Buti

Counter balance those workouts with yoga! Gain flexibility, relaxation, and peace through one of our many forms of yoga. Our classes are great for beginners and yogi-pros alike!


Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is a great way to get the heart rate pumping! In the winter months, this is a cosmic cycling class!

Suspension Training

One of the best ways to gain lean, strong muscles!

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Total Body Fitness

Total body toning classes like Kettlebell, Bootcamps, Sculpt, RebelFit, and Tabata

Barre, Fusion, Piyo

Low impact toning options to help you gain lean muscle and flexibility


Pound Fitness

A sweat session like no other! With Pound, you are the rock star of your workout, using Ripstix (slightly weighted drumsticks) to make beautiful, sweaty, loud music!

Cardio Dance & Old School Step Aerobics

Dance it out while getting the HIIT workout in with our HIIT the BEAT class!

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See the Schedule

Please note: we do not accept walk-in clients. All sessions must be reserved in advance through our online schedule. A penalty will be assessed for any no-show or late cancel client. Late cancel penalties are incurred within 2 hours of class sessions. Any early morning sessions (6-8am) must be canceled by 9pm the night before to avoid a late cancel penatly.

Upcoming Events

Events Hosted by Rebel Studio

Join Claire and Haylie in this 3- hour Inversion Immersion workshop! Learn how to safely approch and advance your yoga practice with the fundamentals of inversions.  
December 11th 2-5PM
Winter Solstice Yoga
Join us for this calm and relaxing 90 minute Yoga & Yoga Nidra session, incorporated with short readings and intention setting as we welcome the return of the light on the Winter Solstice.  

Wednesday December 21


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Yoga for Beginners
A 4-week Series

Learn breathing fundamentals, basic poses, proper alignment, and how to use props effectively in this slow, purposeful series for beginners.

Sessions begin November 16th and will run each Wednesday evening from 7:30-8:30pm

through December 7th.

Choose your membership plan

Become a member!


8-session Punch Card

8 sessions to use for any yoga or group fitness classes. Punch cards do not renew and expire after 60 days. This is a great option for those who travel frequently or are not able to come every week


Standard Membership

Enjoy up to 24 sessions of yoga and group fitness classes to use within your 4 week billing cycle. This membership rolls over every 28 days (4 weeks) and auto drafts payment. There is a 14-day notice for cancellation required.


Unlimited Membership

Enjoy the same great yoga & group fitness sessions in the studio but get in as many as you want! This membership includes all yoga, group fitness, cycling, park classes, and the virtual studio! This membership auto drafts on a 28 day (4 week) schedule and a 14 day notice is required for cancllation.


Rebel Studio & FIRE Fitness Hot Studio Membership

Enjoy the Fitness Sessions and Yoga Sessions available at Rebel Studio in Prestwick, the Virtual Yoga Studio, and all hot session at FIRE Fitness with one membership!

This membership auto-renews every 4 weeks and requires a 14 day notice for cancellation.

Pilates Reformer Pass Options


Private Pilates Reformer

Expand your flexibility, strength, balance, and overall health with one-on-one private Pilates Reformer Sessions. Our instructor will lead you through a workout specifically designed to challenge and change you.

(Single Session Pass)

*Must be scheduled through studio personnel.


Private Reformer Sessions


Enjoy private Pilates Reformer Sessions at a discount with this 4-pk pass. With one-on-one guidance and instruction, you will feel great!

*Must be scheduled through studio personnel.


Semi-Private Reformer  Single Session

The Pilates method has been used for decades to strengthen the core and provide therapy for undertrained muscles in a low-impact way. Our Semi-private sessions allow for individualized guidance in a private room shared with only one other person. 


Semi-Private Reformer 

4-Session Pass

Take your Pilates to another level with Semi-Private Pilates Reformer Training in our 4-session pass. 

*Semi-private sessions are currently Mondays at 6pm. More sessions will be added as needed to fulfill client needs.

Other Rebel Options

What else do we offer?


Semi- Private Pilates Reformer Training

Semi-Private and Private Pilates 

Reformer sessions are now available. 

Purchase your package below.

Private Sessions & Personal Training

We offer a wide variety of private options, from Corporate Wellness in your office to Personal Training in our studio!

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5250 E US Hwy 36 Suite 110, Avon, IN 46123, USA

(317) 386-8045

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Visit our friends down the street, FIRE Fitness Hot Studio! Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates Fusion, Hot Barre, Hot Piyo, and Hot Strength & Weights, Hot Buti Yoga!