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About Rebel Studio

Much like our logo, the Phoenix, Rebel Studio was born from the ashes of my journey ~ to find a gym where I felt I belong. A place where I am confident every time I walk through the door; a place with no judgement. When I couldn't find that - I created my own- Rebel Studio Yoga & Group Fitness.

I have been on the same journey to find health & happiness in life, just like you. This is why I strive to bring you boutique, member-only fitness at affordable pricing. At Rebel Studio, you will feel confident with smaller class sizes and personal attention, in a private space that is not open to the general public.

No walk-ins, no judgement, and no mirrors.

I BELIEVE in Body Positive Fitness

Here's to your health & happiness!


Our Schedule

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Small Business Saturday

If you are...

  • Committed to your self care

  • Ready to get more flexible

  • Ready to get stronger

  • Ready to have unlimited access to all your favorite sessions

  • In it for the long haul (not just the cold weather...)

Then you won't want to miss this deal!

Special is only available 11/22/23-11/26/23

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