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About Rebel Studio

Much like our logo, the Phoenix, Rebel Studio was born from the ashes of my journey ~ to find a gym where I felt I belong. A place where I am confident every time I walk through the door; a place with no judgement. When I couldn't find that - I created my own- Rebel Studio Yoga & Group Fitness.

I have been on the same journey to find health & happiness in life, just like you. This is why I strive to bring you boutique, member-only fitness at affordable pricing. At Rebel Studio, you will feel confident with smaller class sizes and personal attention, in a private space that is not open to the general public.

No walk-ins, no judgement, and no mirrors.

I BELIEVE in Body Positive Fitness

Here's to your health & happiness!


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Our Schedule

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Rage BEER-Yoga

April 12, 2024  6-8pm

Do you want to be zen AF, but also just want to scream? Want to be bendy and flexy, but drink beer, too? Why can't you do it all??  In this event you will be led by our certified Yoga instructor on a journey to self awareness and be given the permission to leave it all on the mat. The music will be loud (and not PG-13) the beer will be close, and the voices will be heard! Give life the bird and let your aggrivation be heard!

Doors will open at 6pm with Yoga beginning at 6:30pm. Drinks will only be available from 6pm-6:30pm. 

***This class is for 21+ only*** Please bring your own mat.

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